lori royce modeling shot multi colored dresslori royce modeling pic on the beach smirking“I started drawing when I was 4 yrs old, and I was good.”

When the Artist was only 12, she had her first Solo Exhibition in Miami.

“It was a big deal, but I didn’t know it then! I remember my school principal and art teacher telling me I was chosen to exhibit my drawings in a large public building in Miami. “I didn’t enter into any art show”, I replied. “My art teacher said: No, but we entered for you!” “I rode on my bike to go visit my first solo show. It was so amazing seeing my drawings installed in a public place and strangers were admiring my work. I was hooked”.

After several years of more exhibitions, selling at outdoor art festivals, gallery showings and private artwork commissions, Lori earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree and hasn’t stopped painting. Her love of mother nature striking the balance of both pale & vibrant colors across the sky & sea, excites Lori & inspires her to create her explosive collection of artwork. Skilled in using acrylics, oils, ink washes, charcoal, pencil & pastels.

Chosen as one of the featured Artists, Lori painted on-site for (5) wildly successful years at (2) locations for Cafe Tu Tu Tango in South Florida. The Artist sold hundreds of her prints and originals to celebrities & visitors from all over the world. It was while she was painting at her easel one night, that some people in the Modeling Industry, who were dining in the restaurant, suggested she try to Model.  Lori got signed by an Agency and has been Modeling for many years. When she is not painting, exhibiting or selling, Lori Models in print, film, tv, fashion shows & does spokesmodeling. You might recognize her from tv as seen on as many as 50 infomercials.

Lori Royce calls Florida home. She paints & draws on location & in her studio.

     “Of course I love walking along the beach.  Feeling the sun warm my soul, having the ocean’s waves crashing upon my feet, and the sand massaging my skin.  Seeing the birds dive down into the water for food or just flying up above, watching the sky turning many colors and shapes throughout the day.  There is no shortage of beautiful subject matter for my images.”