“Frozen Koi Pond” Original


Soft Pastel on Pastel Paper
Framed in Silver Moulding with matt and behind glass
26″ wide x 33″ high framed and ready to hang



Frozen Koi Pond

This wintery drawing has special meaning for the Artist.
Lori was vacationing in the town of Woodstock, New York, staying at a friend’s house.
Lori’s friend had recently purchased this house & property from Singer/Celebrity: Todd Rundgren (best know for the song “Hello It’s Me”).
It was so cold out that the Koi Pond in the back yard froze. The Koi fish were swimming underneath the ice.
Lori came to find out much later,from Todd’s wife Michele, after the drawing was complete, that Todd actually designed & built that koi pond & small bridge himself.



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